Top News: No Angkor Sankrantra This Year

(Siem Reap): This year, the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) will not organize Angkor Sankranta event in the Angkor site, according to H.E. Tea Seyha, Governor of Siem Reap.


H.E. Tea Seyha confirmed that despite there is no Angkor Sangkranta event this year, UYFC of Siem Reap cooperates with provincial authorities and institutions to organize Siem Reap Sankranta to celebrate Khmer New Year with many traditional games.


Please note that the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia together with many institutions has organized Angkor Sankranta event for 6 consecutive years since 2013. This event has attracted millions of local and international visitors to Siem Reap each year.


This year, in contrast to previous years, in the provinces, UYFC together with provincial authorities also announced the organization of Sankranta event in respective provinces across the country.