Hun Mani: 5 years ago, a lesson I won’t forget

(Phnom Penh): A similar day like today five years ago, We, Cambodians across the Nation seen these pictures either through TVs or social media.

Whether a foreign officer may agree or disagree with the Nation he or she serves, it is nonetheless a “sovereign state”, so showing up at an official event, carrying out an undiplomatic behavior and outright disrespectful at an official function presiding by Our Majesty and in front of one of the highest institutions of Cambodia, the National Assembly, how can one forget.

I’m sure there is a reason to these actions, but my simple question is, what about reciprocity? If a Cambodian officer posted oversea were to do this, will it be accepted and gone without consequences.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a small developing Country, yes, but we are a sovereign state with pride, rich culture and long history. It is a country with great potential, especially our People, who together will guarantee that the future will be even brighter for all Cambodians & generations to come.

What’s done is done and we will not hold to heart, but as a ‘lesson’ it is already part of us.